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My End of Year Goal to Learn Go

Why I’m Learning a New Programming Language

One of my goals for the remainder of 2023 is to spend time learning a new programming language. I’ve been doing exclusively JavaScript for a while now and wanted to branch out to further develop my programming discipline.

Going with Go

When I decided to learn a new language, I knew I wanted to learn a statically typed and compiled language that could be used for backend development, so that lead me to select 3 initial choices: Go, Rust, or C# (of course there are many other languages that meet this criteria besides the ones I picked).

After a brief decision process, I ended up selecting Go as the language I’d like to learn. I liked that Go seemed easy to pick up and had powerful features like goroutines. I’ve also observed Go being used in DevOps and cloud, which are two areas I’ve taken a recent interest in, so I’d like to expand my skill set into those areas.

The Goal

My initial goal for this first foray into learning Go is to build a fully featured web API service that is deployed to the cloud. This would include complete CRUD (create, read, update, delete) functionality, a database, and a security layer for authorizing the client.


I’m excited to learn something new and different from what I’m used to. I know there will be plenty of challenges along the way, but I’m excited to taking these on. As I go along in this journey, I look forward to sharing some more of this learning journey on this blog.